Provisions Services

1. Expiry date & packaging: –

    • Meat and milk derivates will supply will be free from fmd
    • All meat important standard case 20 kilos with expiry date (9) months
    • Milk long life Egyptian products with expiry date (6) months
    • Chicken whole & legs and wings will be imported (frozen). With expiry date (9) months.
    • Mutton will be imported (frozen). With expiry date (9) months.
    • fish will be fresh & frozen
    • All ready mixes / cereals / juices / jam / marmalade / pickles / all other canned or bottled products like sauces, tinned fruits, and tinned meat etc. With expiry date minimum (6) months
    • Dairy products (milk, evaporated & condensed milk, milk powder): with expiry date minimum 12 months.
    • Slice cheese / block cheese: with expiry date minimum (4) months.
    • After approval we will supply according your order no any less or over supply
    • Guarantee excellent quality with proper packing and our above offer for excellent quality

2. Our all prices by u.s.d. Delivery on board vessel will be free & (motor boat) will be free.

3. No anymore charges. please keep our full style to send your inquiry any time you will need our services for your ships calling of all Egyptian ports to found best prices and excellent quality

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